December 8, 2019

Resolving Conflict God's Way: Questions on Reconciliation

Speaker: Jason Whitley Series: Resolving Conflict God's Way

Issues regarding forgiveness often cut close to the heart. The intimate nature of conflict means that confusion and helplessness may persist even one a Christian is informed of the right biblical principles. In the midst of a conflict, we may face some of the following questions:

  • Must I confess every sin to be forgiven?
  • What should I do if the other party refuses to acknowledge their sin?
  • What about self-forgiveness and self-love?
  • Can we have righteous anger?
  • Should we agree to disagree?

Questions like these and more are considered in today’s Q&A session on biblical conflict resolutio

Eight Christian Duties in Seeking to Resolve Conflict God’s Way

  1. Go pursue reconciliation. 
  2. Aim to please God. 
  3. Be quick to hear. 
  4. Be slow to speak. 
  5. Repent and call others to repent.
  6. Forgives as God forgives.
  7. Consider the Lord’s love for the other party.
  8. Leave it in God’s hands.

To Drop or Not to Drop?

Each time you are offended, you have to wisely determine whether to bring it up. Only you can make that decision. Here are some diagnostic questions to work through when considering whether or not to confront someone.
(This section is an excerpt from Chris Brauns's Unpacking Forgiveness)

  1. Have I examined my heart yet?
  2. How sure am I that I am right?
  3. How important is this (issue)?
  4. Does this person show a pattern of this offensive behavior?
  5. What do wise people counsel me to do?
  6. What else is going on in the life of the other person?


NOTE: This is the ninth and final in a series of sermons titled Resolving Conflict God’s Way. See the entire series here.