We believe that Sunday is the Lord’s Day, and that our gatherings are for the worship of God. We encourage people to dress in a way that honors God. Most people dress in a style that would fall somewhere between “Sunday best” and business casual. 


Babies and children of all ages are welcome to join their families in our main service. We do provide a nursery for children ages 0-3 years during our Sunday morning service. In consideration of others, if your child becomes disruptive, please take them out of the service until the child is able to return.


The music style is primarily traditional with a mixture of Gospel-sound traditional and contemporary hymns and songs. We now use the hymnal, Hymns of Grace, during our main worship service. Our singing is accompanied by instruments - the piano, the organ, and a small ensemble.

Bible Translations

Our pastor preaches from the English Standard Version (ESV). ESV pew Bibles are provided.