Hymns of Grace

Gospel-sound, Theologically-rich Traditional and Contemporary Hymns

Our church uses Hymns of Grace for our Sunday morning singing and music selection.

We see great benefits, both for God's glory and the edification of God's people, in continuing to use the wonderful songs created by the church throughout church history.

This hymnal is a wonderful collection of Gospel-sound, theologically-rich traditional and contemporary hymns.

Some of the hymns found in Hymns of Grace include:

  • 7 titles by John Newton and 18 by Isaac Watts
  • 34 titles written or co-written by Stuart Townend
  • 40 titles written or co-written by Keith Getty
  • 5 titles by Bob Kauflin and 11 titles from Sovereign Grace Music
  • 2 new hymns from R.C. Sproul
  • 2 hymns from John MacArthur
  • Over 100 new hymns and melodies

The Hymnal uses ESV scripture readings, formatted for responsive readings. This is the only ESV hymnal in print. The hymnal is produced in large print.

For more on Hymns of Grace or to learn more about the Master's Seminary Press, please visit the Hymns of Grace website.