November 10, 2019

Resolving Conflict God's Way: The Necessity of Repentance

Speaker: Jason Whitley Series: Resolving Conflict God's Way

If we seek peace in the midst of a conflict but we fail to repent, seek, and give forgiveness, then we have not sought to resolve that conflict biblically. We have essentially just swept the matter under the rug. True reconciliation can only occur through repentance and forgiveness. In fact, Jesus’s ministry - and his first sermon - included a call to repentance.

So, what role does repentance play in biblical conflict resolution? And, what does true repentance look like? 

Eight Christian Duties in Seeking to Resolve Conflict God’s Way

  1. Go pursue reconciliation. 
  2. Aim to please God. 
  3. Be quick to hear. 
  4. Be slow to speak. 
  5. Repent and call others to repent.

Six Elements of Repentance

    1. A knowledge of sin.
    2. Sorrow over sin.
    3. A hatred of sin.
    4. A confession of sin.
    5. A turning from sin.
    6. A restitution for sin.

NOTE: This is the sixth in a series of sermons titled Resolving Conflict God’s Way. See the entire series here.