December 1, 2019

Resolving Conflict God's Way: Leave It in God’s Hands

Speaker: Jason Whitley Series: Resolving Conflict God's Way

The Bible’s goal for us is to be Spirit-filled and fruit-bearing at all times - even in the midst of a conflict.  While we have considered certain christian duties that we may undertake when we seek to resolve a conflict God’s way, there are no guaranteed good outcomes. Sometimes, having gone the extra mile, no amount of effort will appear to improve the situation. What do we do then?

Eight Christian Duties in Seeking to Resolve Conflict God’s Way

  1. Go pursue reconciliation. 
  2. Aim to please God. 
  3. Be quick to hear. 
  4. Be slow to speak. 
  5. Repent and call others to repent.
  6. Forgives as God forgives.
  7. Consider the Lord’s love for the other party.
  8. Leave it in God’s hands.


NOTE: This is the eighth in a series of sermons titled Resolving Conflict God’s Way. See the entire series here.