January 17, 2021

Our Difficult Task in Discipleship

Speaker: Jason Whitley Series: The Gospel According to Mark Scripture: Mark 6:6–13

Even though people may not believe the Gospel we carry, and even when we are resisted to the point of persecution, we have a God-given responsibility to represent Christ no matter the consequences. This duty of ours to God does not come conflict-free.

Three Lessons About Discipleship with Jesus

      From part 1 of this sermon…

  1. Jesus is offensive. (Mark 6:2-3)
  2. People will refuse to believe. (Mark 6:4-6)

    Continued in today’s sermon…

  3. Representing Christ will have internal and external difficulties.

Four Elements of Representing Christ No Matter the Consequences

    1. Represent Christ today. (Mark 6:7)
    2. Depend fully upon God. (Mark 6:8-9)
    3. Guard your heart. (Mark 6:10)
    4. We are to call others to repentance despite the consequences. (Mark 6:11)


NOTE: This sermon continues teaching the lessons about discipleship from last week’s sermon which is available here.

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