December 29, 2019

Jesus is King - Part 3

Speaker: Jason Whitley Series: Jesus is King Scripture: Mark 1:33–34

Our hope is in that at Christ’s return, He will reign supreme. Even though He is King right now with all authority on heaven and on earth given to Him by God (Matthew 28:18; John 3:35), He is not yet functioning as King. Then, all nations will bow and all knees will bow. (Philippians 2:10) Then Jesus will reign successfully over all the earth. He will be the government, and the King of all Kings. And, as God foretold in Genesis 3, He will be the One to crush the serpent.

Despite the tall order that King Jesus was to fulfill, His birth was very quiet and went unnoticed by most of the world. But, His life on earth was notably filled with the miracles He performed. How do these miracles prove that Jesus is the Messiah? What do they foretell of His coming Kingship? 

Four Kinds of Miracles that Preview Jesus’s Coming Kingdom and Reign

  1. Jesus’s Kingly dominion over demonic realm. (Mark 1:23-28; Matthew 9:32,33; Luke 8:26-33)
  2. Jesus’s Kingly dominion over creation. (John 2:1-10; Matthew 21:18,19; John 21:1-6; Matthew 8:23-27)
  3. Jesus’s Kingly dominion over sickness and death. (Mark 1:33-34; Matthew 4:23; Isaiah 65:20)
  4. Jesus’s Kingly dominion over sin. (Mark 2:2-12)


NOTE: This is the third in a miniseries titled Jesus is King. See the entire series here. 

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