December 31, 2023

The Gospel

Speaker: Rene Ramirez Series: Rene Ramirez Sermons Topic: Our Great Salvation Scripture: Ephesians 2:1–10

the gospel

Ephesians 2:1-10 


Sometimes you need to understand the "bad news" before you can understand how good, the "Good News" is; And sometimes we need to see that being a Christian is more than holding to a ritual or pattern of going to church. We need to be "born again"--to be made spiritually alive by God. Rene explains in FIVE STAGES of what being Born again means and how we know we are or if we're just fooling ourselves.

  1.  Our Past - verses 1-3      and turning from it - verse 4
  2. Our Present - verse 5
  3. Our Future - verses 6-7
  4. Our Gift from God - verses 8-9
  5. Our Duty - verse 10

The Gospel is absolutely the greatest news we could listen to and understand. That Jesus Christ is the greatest gift God could give us to show his love. However, if you're not born again, you will face his holy justice one day.

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