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January 19, 2020

Faith that Stands the Test of Time

Speaker: James Revelino Passage: Genesis 16:1–16

Waiting on the Lord for something is good, but as our wait is prolonged, it becomes more difficult for us. And, depending on what we are waiting on the Lord for, the situation could prove itself a trial for us. In our passage, we see that Abram and Sarai struggled to wait on God for a promise that He had made to them. Our struggles can share the same nature that Sarai’s did. 
How can we have such a faith that helps us endure testing periods? The foundation of this faith is the conviction that God cares for His people.

Two Sections from Our Passage

  1. The chaos of fleshly decisions. (Genesis 16:1-6)
  2. The care of a faithful God. (Genesis 16:7-16)