July 7, 2019

Look into the Word

Speaker: Jason Whitley Scripture: James 1:18–25

This passage speaks to the importance of Scripture in our lives, and James is an appropriate book for this because it covers this topic amongst others.  A Christ-centered person is a Word-centered person, and James exhorts us on that which is most important. 

Some oft-overlooked points about the book of James:

  • The person of Christ and the fruit of the Gospel are clearly displayed in the short book of James, and the book shows us how to live practically a Christ-centered life. 
  • It covers so many subjects, including prayer, trials, wisdom, humility, endurance, patience, temptation, issues of the heart, and the Word of God itself. 
  • We also get to read the Gospel from the perspective of someone who are up with the perfect Christ for an earthly brother.