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August 16, 2020

Converted Among the Pigs

Speaker: Jason Whitley Series: So Great a Salvation Passage: Luke 15:11–32

Conversion has two elements: faith (to turn ton God) and repentance (to turn from sin). Both elements of conversion are clearly illustrated in the parade of the prodigal son.  

Seven Aspects of the Prodigal Son’s Conversion

  1. He recognizes his lost state. (Luke 15:17; Proverbs 13:15; Acts 10:4b)
  2. He admits his own sin. (Luke 15:18)
  3. He recognizes his unworthiness to his father. (Luke 15:19)
  4. He determines to go to his father. (Luke 15:18,19)
  5. He goes to and puts his faith in his father. (Luke 15:20)
  6. He confesses his sin to his father. (Luke 15:21)
  7. He depends upon the mercy of his father. (Luke 15:21)

NOTE: This is the fourth sermon in a series titled So Great a Salvation. See the rest of the series here. 

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