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November 18, 2018

Slaved by Grace

Speaker: James Revelino Passage: Romans 6:19

At the time Paul’s letter to the Roman church was penned, slavery was very common in the land. It was the existing way of life. And, it was very different from what we generally know slavery to be today. Slavery, then, was the equivalent of a social status. Slaves lived and died at the will of their master. So, the well-being of a slave depended on his master. With this in mind, we as Christians should be aware that God commands us to be slaves to Him in righteousness.

 Two Points on Slavery to God

  1. What is slavery? Obedience.
    As slaves of God, we are to obey Him consistently, exclusively, willingly and submissively.
  1. Why is it good to be a slave of God?
    • Slaves are what we are. (Romans 6:19)
    • Slavery to sin, the only alternative master, is miserable. (Romans 8:7-8)
    • Slavery to God is desirable. (Romans 8:21)